FAB Seminar Series

We are pleased to announce our monthly seminar series – the Forum for Affective Brains, FAB! The seminar spans across topics such as research on drugs, reward, pain, emotions, addiction, and most things social.

FAB seminars will take place once a month on Thursday’s at 12pm (Oslo time). This will occasionally vary so we can hear from international speakers.

The seminar is organised by LAB lab but open for other interested academics via Zoom. Among the labs frequently joining are those of Claus Lamm, Georgia Silani (Vienna), Karin Jensen (Karolinska), India Morrison (Linköping), Henk van Steenbergen (Leiden), Anat Perry (Jerusalem), Francis McGlone (Liverpool) and Chantal Berna (Lausanne).

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August: Thursday 17th, 12pm – Alexandra Tinnermann, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. Talk title TBC.

June: Thursday 1st, 12pm – India Morrison, Linköping University. Talk title TBC.

May: Thursday 25th, 12pm – Peder Isager, Oslo New University College. Talk title TBC.

April: Thursday 27th, 12pm – Mats Lekander, Stockholm University, Karolinska Institutet. Sick for Science.

March: Thursday 16th, 12pm – Henrik Børsting Jacobsen (rescheduled), University of Oslo, Oslo University Hospital. Truth not triumph – challenging mind body dualism.


December: Friday 9th, 12pm – Dan-Mikael Ellingsen, Oslo University Hospital. Taking an interactive two-person neuroscience approach to investigate the patient-clinician interaction in chronic pain.

November: Friday 18th, 12pm – Henrik Børsting Jacobsen, University of Oslo, Oslo University Hospital. Truth not triumph – challenging mind body dualism.

October: Thursday 20th, 16pm* – Margaret Wardle, University of Illinois Chicago. Using pharmacological manipulations to study reward function and dysfunction

September: Friday 12th,12pm – Marie Eikemo, University of Oslo. Acute and chronic effects of opioids on stress and reward processes in the human brain

Please get in touch if you know or would like to present as part of the 2023 series.


Previous speakers in the ABC series:

To watch the previous talks from the ABC-series, click here

Thursday 23rd June, 12pm CEST – Gill Bedi, University of Melbourne: Value-based decision processes in substance use disorders.

Thursday 2nd June, 12pm CEST – Silje Endresen Reme, University of Oslo: Preventing postsurgical pain through hypnosis.

March 28, 9am – 10am CEST – Genevieve Dingle,University of Queensland: Arts based groups and the promise of social prescribing.

March 21, 9am – 10am CET – Matthew Gullo, National Centre for Youth Substance Use Research (NCYSUR), University of Queensland: From the laboratory to the clinic and back again: bioSocial cognitive mechanisms of impulsivity and addiction.

March 14, 5pm – 6pm CET – Andy Arnold, University of University of California, San Diego: Some body to trust: A meta-analysis revealing diminished interoceptive body trust in loneliness.

January 24, 6pm – 7pm CET – Rachel Zoffness, Dartmouth: Pain and the Brain: A Biopsychosocial Approach to Pain Management.

January 10, 1pm – 2pm CET – Molly Carlyle: Pain, pleasure, and predisposition to addiction: Understanding the role of childhood trauma in substance use disorders

December 6, 3pm – 4pm CET – Kasey van Hedger, Western University: Overview of acute drug effects on emotion using pharmacological MRI

November 29, 1-2pm CET – Balázs Szigeti, Imperial College of London: Is it just placebo? Exploring psychedelic microdosing with self-blinding methodology

November 15, 1-2pm CET – Claudia Massaccesi, University of Vienna: Mu-opioids, stress and social reward

June 16, 3-3.45pm Oslo time – Pascal Vrtička, University of Essex: On the same wavelength –  Interpersonal neural synchrony in parent-child dyads

June 2, 3-3.45pm Oslo time – India Morrison, Linköping University: Recent social context shapes responses of human endogenous oxytocin and its neural correlates during touch interactions

May 19, 5-6pm Oslo time – Daniel Castro, University of Washington: Next-Generation Approaches for Investigating Neuropeptidergic Circuits in Reward and Motivation

May 5, 3-4pm Oslo time – Florian Bublatzky, Mannheim University: Person perception as a function of verbal threat and safety learning

April 21, 3 – 3.45pm Oslo time – Anne Willems, KU Leuven: Relief: the pleasure of absent danger

April 7, 3 – 3.45pm Oslo time – Todd Vogel, McGill University: Pain and cognitive effort

March 24, 3 – 3.45pm Oslo time – Alex Shackman, University of Maryland: The Nature and the Neurobiology of Anxiety

March 10, 3 – 3.45pm Oslo time – Anat Perry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: The contribution of different information channels to different facets of empathy

February 24, 3 – 3.45pm Oslo time – Michelle Failla, Ohio State University: Pain Anxiety, Perception, and Expression in Autism

February 17, 3 – 3.45pm Oslo time – Vanessa Teckentrup, University of Tübingen: Going with your gut – Effects of non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation on motivation, metabolism, and brain signaling

January 27, 3-3.45pm Oslo time – Stefan Schulreich, Hamburg University: Altruism under stress

December 9, 3-3.45 pm Oslo time – Elise Weerts, Johns Hopkins: Neuroimaging of the opioid receptor subtypes towards understanding alcohol use disorder and its treatment

December 4, 11.15 – 12.00 Oslo time – Julia Fietz, Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry: Delineating working memory through fMRI and pupillometry and exploring its role in stress-related disorders

November 20, 11.15-12.00 Oslo time – Roser Cañigueral, UCL: Cognitive and neural mechanisms of social signalling

November 6, 11-15-12.00 (VMT+1) – Helena Hartmann, University of Vienna: Empathy for pain

October 16, 11.15-12.00 (GMT+1) – Eliane Deschrijver, Ghent University & UNSW Sydney: Sally disagrees with you: Relational versus representational mentalising

October 9, 11.15-12.00 (GMT+1) – Jon McPhetres, Durham University: Understanding emotional piloerection.

October 2, 11.15-12.00 (GMT+1) – Siri Leknes, University of Oslo: What opioids do and why they are overrated

September 25, 11.15-12.00 (GMT+1) – Sarah Charles, Coventry University: The Psychobiology of Ritual Social Bonding

September 18, 11.15-12.00 – Sandra Klonteig, Oslo University Hospital: Neuromodulation of brain activity during sleep and its effect on memory consolidation