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LAB lab’s policy is to conduct science of wide interest, both to clinicians and to the general public. Below is a selection of media appearances.

Brain rewards us for looking at pretty faces

Why we love the pain of spicy food






Why We Love the Pain of Spicy Food Jan 2015 Wall Street Journal John McQuaid
– Hjerneskanning kan spå alt fra lesevansker til kriminell framtid Jan 2015 Arnfinn Christensen
Brain rewards us for looking at pretty faces Feb 2014 Science Johan Bohannon
Beauty works like a drug on the brain Feb 2014 Fox News Tanya Lewis
Radio interview with my student Guro Løseth about our recent paper Feb 2014 NRK Ekko Torkild Jemterud
Endorfiner får menn til å se mer på pene damer Feb 2014 Aftenposten Viten Guro Løseth
Norsk forsking avslører korleis hjernen bedømmer vakre ansikt Feb 2014 Unni Eikeseth
Radio interview on placebo, pain and pleasure Nov 2013 Ekko (p2: Anne Synnevåg
Mind over gray matter: Placebo improves both pleasure and pain Oct 2013 Stuart Mason Dambrot
Placebo’s Double Whammy Oct 2013 The Scientist Kerry Grens
Psykologistudentar deltar i hjerneforskning June 2013 Uniforum Martin Toft
TV interview about love and oxytocin June 2013 Brenner (NRK1) Hans Olav Brenner
Radio interview about love and oxytocin July 2013 Radioselskapet (p2: Hans Kristen Hyrve
Drømmebilder April 2013 Arnfinn Christensen
Pain Can Be Pleasurable When Discomfort Is Less Than Expected, MRI Scans Show March 2013 The Huffington Post Tia Ghose
Radio interview about pain and relief March 2013 Newstalk Radio Ireland Brian O’Neill
Pain can be a relief Feb 2013 Science Daily ;

News staff
How pain turns to pleasure: New study sheds light on why some people enjoy chilli peppers and sadomasochistic sex – and could help develop new relief treatments Feb 2013 Daily Mail; Discovery Zone Damien Gayle
Why pain can feel good Feb 2013 NBC news;

Live Science;

Tia Ghose
Pain Can Be Pleasurable, Says New Study. Fifty Shades Of Grey Fans Say Duh. Feb 2013 Blisstree Claire Murphy
Radio interview about pain and cognition Feb 2013 Kveldsåpent (P1:
Smerte kan være befriende Feb 2013 A-magasinet Joacim Lund
Your Inner Masochist: When Pain Is Pleasurable Feb 2013 redOrbit Jason Pierce
Smerte kan være en lettelse Feb 2013 Elin Fugelsnes
Derfor gjør det så vondt å se på Feb 2013 Bjørg Engdahl
A nose spray that makes you better at detecting emotions Aug 2012 SmartPlanet Charlie Osborne
Oxytocin: A Mindreading Hormone? August 2012 Science 2.0 News staff
A better judge of character with oxytocin nasal spray? August 2012 Medical Xpress News staff
Oxytocin Helps People Read Minds July 2012 Medical Daily Amber Moore
Ammespray kan hjelpe samlivet July 2012 HegnarOnline Karen Thue
The Bliss Hormone AKA The Mind Reading Hormone As A Nasal Spray July 2012 Before It’s News News Staff
Ammespray har en uventet virkning July 2012 Linda Stølen
Bedre menneskekjennere med ammespray? July 2012 Elin Fugelsnes
Leser følelser med ammespray June 2012 VG Søndag Marie Theisen
Kan vi skylde på hjernen? June 2012 Marianne Nordahl
En rosa klump med tanker Nov 2011 Arnfinn Christensen
Vondt som bare tre Sep 2011 Arnfinn Christensen
Why does feeling low hurt? Depressed Mood Increases the Perception of Pain June 2010 Elsevier Mental Health News Maureen Hunter
The Yin and Yang of Pain and Pleasure August 2008 The Dana Foundation Jim Schnabel
Itchy and scratchy Jan 2007 Spectroscopy Now David Bradley
Giving In To The Urge To Scratch: Researchers Find Not All Itches Created Equal Dec 2006 Science Daily American Physiological Society

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