Oslo Face Database

DesignWe have created a database of photographs of faces called the Oslo Face Database. It consists of ~200 male and female faces of neutral expression with three gaze directions: left, center and right. The photos were taken in 2012 and the faces are students from the University of Oslo. We have collected ratings of  attractiveness, trustworthiness and perceived dominance of faces. Special thanks to Samira Aminihajibashi, Hedda Løseth and Guro Løseth for collecting the ratings!

The Oslo Face Database was first introduced in a recent demonstration of the role of the human opioid system for perceived face attractiveness in men.

We have hand-drawn regions of interest (ROIs, see image) for a subset of these faces for use in eye-tracking analysis. For pupil measurements we also have available luminance-matched gray images that can be used for baseline pupillometry.

The images, ratings and ROIs are available for research use by request.

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