Anbjørn Ree

PhD student with Uta Sailer

PhD-candidate in neuroscience and psychology.

MSc Neuroscience

BSc Physiotherapy

After 15 years of treating people suffering from various types of pain conditions, I commenced on an academic journey by completing a master’s degree in neuroscience at NTNU. I was motivated by the desire to understand the brain and its involvement in complex phenomena, such as pain and placebo, and how patient-clinician interaction may influence these processes. My master’s thesis investigated how sleep restrictions and nocebo affect pain perception which is due for publication in 2017.

I started working with Uta Sailer and Siri Leknes in 2016 as a PhD-candidate at UiO. In my current work, I investigate the neuroscience behind touch and social behaviour using self-report measures, neuroimaging and physiological measures.

As a clinician working with people in pain, I have a special interest in how new research and knowledge should lead to changes in clinical practice. As well as teaching communication skills in musculoskeletal conditions to medical students at UiO, I regularly give lectures in clinical reasoning for student physiotherapists and osteopaths.

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