Recorded Talks


Silje Endresen Reme, University of Oslo: Preventing postsurgical pain through hypnosis.
Molly Carlyle, Oslo University: Pain, pleasure, and predisposition to addiction: Understanding the role of childhood trauma in substance use disorders
Daniel Castro, University of Washington: Next-Generation Approaches for Investigating Neuropeptidergic Circuits in Reward and Motivation (May 19)
Florian Bublatzky, Mannheim University: Person perception as a function of verbal threat and safety learning (May 5)
Anne Willems, KU Leuven: Relief: the pleasure of absent danger (April 21)
Todd Vogel, McGill University: Pain and cognitive effort (April 7)

Alex Shackman, University of Maryland: Dissecting the pathways underlying pervasive misery (March 24)

Anat Perry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: The contribution of different information channels to different facets of empathy (March 10)

Michelle Failla, Ohio State University: Pain Anxiety, Perception, and Expression in Autism (February 24)

Vanessa Teckentrup, Tübingen University: Going with your gut – Effects of non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation on motivation, metabolism, and the brain (February 17, 2021)

Stefan Schulreich, Hamburg University: Altruism under stress (January 27 2021)

Elise Weerts, Johns Hopkins: Neuroimaging of the opioid receptor subtypes towards understanding alcohol use disorder and its treatment (December 9 2020)

Julia Fietz, Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry: Delineating working memory through fMRI and pupillometry and exploring its role in stress-related disorders (December 4 2020)

Roser Cañigueral, UCL: Cognitive and neural mechanisms of social signalling (November 20 2020)

Helena Hartmann, University of Vienna: Empathy for pain (November 6 2020)

Eliane Deschrijver, Ghent University & UNSW Sydney: Sally disagrees with you: Relational versus representational mentalising (October 16 2020)

Jon McPhetres, Durham University: Understanding emotional piloerection (October 9 2020)

Siri Leknes, University of Oslo: What opioids do and why they are overrated (October 2 2020)