Siri Leknes

siri_croppedI am a professor of Social and Affective Neuroscience at the Dept. Psychology, University of Oslo. A cognitive neuroscientist by training, I completed my PhD on Pain, reward and relief at the University in Oxford in 2008. My supervisor was the ever inspiring Professor Irene Tracey, head of the PAiN group. As a postdoc in Gothenburg and Oslo,  the eminent Professors Håkan Olausson and Bruno Laeng were my mentors. Drawing on the complementary perspectives of cognitive psychology (Laeng), central neurophysiology (Tracey) and peripheral neurophysiology (Olausson), I then set out to establish my own research approach, summarised in these LAB lab pages.

The specific research questions addressed in my projects range from pain to emotion perception to neuroendocrinology and visual attention. Yet, the overarching question is always the same: How do the brain and the body give rise to feelings that humans can perceive, and how are these feelings connected to our choices and behaviour.

A snapshot of many of the most important people in my scientific life, from my Professorial Dinner which followed a symposium with talks by Chantal Berna, Irene Tracey, Håkan Olausson, Johan Wessberg, Guro Løseth and Marie Eikemo (September 2018, Oslo)