Taste reactivity to sweet and bitter solutions recorded by Marie Eikemo and myself when my twins were 4 months old and had only ever drunk milk: a small tribute to Kent Berridge‘s rodent taste reactivity research:

Public talk at Science and Cocktails, Copenhagen, November 2017

Marie Eikemo & Siri Leknes address the use of neuroimaging to diagnose “sugar addiction” for Norwegian TV programme Folkeopplysningen.

Poster presentation S4SN, Feb 2021 by Isabell Meier on the roles of stress and pain in acute post-surgical use of prescription opioid-analgesics.

Poster presentation S4SN, Feb 2021 by Siri Leknes on opioid modulation of social bonds in humans
Poster presentation and winner of Society for Affective Science Best Presentation Award 2021: Guro Løseth